About us

Facing global climate change and scarce petroleum supplies, the world must switch to sustainable energy systems. DutchNet develops demonstration projects and practical experiences were hydrogen is a serious and attractive alternative. We developed and build our first 'H2 Car as Power Plant’​ in 2016 that can supply households with mobile energy. Our aim is to provide use-cases to show what's possible today with hydrogen by using our experience & knowledge into mobile generators, busses, cars and ships. DutchNet is partner of Accenda, the Betafactory, The Green Village and High Tech Centre Delft and cooperates with knowledge institutes as the TU-Delft and The Hague University. We are supporting the ‘Happy with H2’ campaign to increase awareness what's possible with hydrogen. DutchNet also acts as a social meeting place for interested parties and supporting communities of practice.

Converting cars & vans according to the Hydrolectric concept

Accenda, one of the founders of DutchNet, developed and delivered the Hydrolectric car to the Green Village. The Hydrolectric is an H2 Car as Powerplant (CaPP) for demonstration and research purpose. The Green Village is a living lab at the Campus of the TU Delft where they unite all stakeholders at an inspiring, lively and entrepreneurial place . Based on the knowledge of the Hydrolectric car, DutchNet is now working on her next projects to ‘convert’ cars & vans according the Hydrolectric concept. The Power Plant feature makes it possible to use them as a 100% clean energy source for working on location without using a traditional generator. DutchNet believes in the transition of existing vehicles into Hydrolectrics for speeding up the necessary change from fossil fuels to other energy sources as Hydrogen.